A passion for whisky TASTINGS

- Private whisky classes for groups of people. See the classes here.
- Whisky pre-dinner events and food matching. Contact us for info.
- Setting bar lists for venues and events.


About Us

We are passionate about whisky: it's as simple as that

We love whisky. The stories, the men and women who make it, the regions it comes from, and the magic in each glass. What we aim to do is share that enthusiasm with you and your group of friends or colleagues in an intimate and friendly masterclass event setting. Sit and relax as one of our whisky sommeliers leads you through a series of single malts on tasting, along with all the great stories and history that surround each glass.

Are you a malt beginner looking to start your journey in fine single malts? Or a bartender / restauranteur looking to expand their range and experience where it counts? Book a Wonder & Whisky experienced sommelier to cater for your event or private tasting today.


We are Whisky Educators

We are proudly whisky educators who bring the magic of whisky to each and every session. We love to talk and taste whisky, while helping you on your journey into the often-complicated world of single malts. No pretense, no stuffy tartan, just a fun and inviting journey into single malts from Scotland and around the world. Every whisky host at Wonder and Whisky is a highly-experienced whisky sommelier who will cater for the event in a personable and professional manner.


We host whisky parties

Home party? Corporate tasting? Event needing a whisky bar? We’ve got you covered. Private events are the game, Wonder & Whisky is the name. Get in touch today, or stay on top of our work by signing up to our newsletter.